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Activity Bus Program


SD5 Activity Fleet
SD5 Activity Fleet
SD5 Activity Fleet

School District Five Activity Bus Program

The purpose of the Activity Bus Program (Field Trips) for School District Five is to provide safe, reliable and cost effective transportation to support the many schools, athletic teams and other extra-curricular events with the district.  During the 2017-2018 SY, we conducted approx. 2,000 activity trips with no "on the road incidents/accidents". 

While on an Activity Bus or Field Trip, the Student Behavior Code applies to all students of School District Five.  Any inappropriate behavior is subject to the consequences of the Behavior Code.

Recent additions to the Activity Bus fleet allow for transportation of students in wheelchairs. 

Requests for Activity Buses can be made the through the Field Trip System.  Trip requests must be made a minimum of 10 days in advance.  Field trips can be requested as far in advance as the information is available.

Activity Buses are unable to support non-school related programs such as day cares, church or other private organizations. 

Many of our Activity bus has 3-point lap and shoulder seat belts systems.  Riders are encouraged to use these seatbelts appropreatedly.